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Real Estate

Cyprus is one of the most popular real estate destinations worldwide. The fantastic weather together with other considerable advantages motivate individuals around the world to purchase immovable property in Cyprus.
The team of Papatheocharous& Co. is able to guide you on all the matters related to selling, transferring and buying immovable property in Cyprus. The expert immovable property lawyers of Papatheocharous& Co will give you a thorough information regarding your rights.
Our experienced team of property lawyers ensures that due diligence procedures are carried out so that to identify any obstacle which may prevent purchasers’ to fully enjoy their property rights.
Once due diligence procedures are executed and the two parties (seller-buyer) come to an agreement, the sale contract or the assignment of rights is duly stamped and becomes legally effective. Afterwards the contract of sale or the assignment of rights is submitted to the Land Registry in order to further safeguard buyer’s rights. When the title deeds are available, the two parties can arrange the transfer of 

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